Lawn Mowing

I am a professional when it comes to cutting grass.  I have a deep passion,and love for cutting grass that absolutely comes through in the work that I do.

There are several factors that go into maintaining a beautiful Florida lawn. Since the winter weather in Central Florida like Lakeland,Fl. is fairly mild and the summers are hot and rainy. Mowing frequency and mowing height for your grass is very important in producing a healthy lawn.
The most common types of grass found in Lakeland, FL  are Saint Augustine and Bahia. Saint Augustine grass isn’t very tolerant in shady areas but thrives in the sunny weather. It is a medium to high-maintenance grass that forms a thick, carpet like sod, that tends to crowd out most weeds and other grasses.
Bahia grass grows better in shaded areas, is less water dependent but keeping your lawn weed free is more difficult, and is a bit softer than St. Augustine. Bahia grass doesn’t do as well during the winter months and can turn a bit dry and brown when the weather cools down in January and will remain that way through March.